The door entrance is still the most critical area in a means of transport. Passengers want to get off the train as quickly as possible in short cycle times. Other passengers want to get on board just as quickly. All this with a door opening no more than two meters wide. This makes it even more important to install sounders like those from TSL in vehicle side entry systems.

That is why acoustic sounders in the door area have become indispensable, as they provide passengers timely information about the status of the door. To ensure that all passengers get on and off safely, TSL’s buzzer range complies with the statutory requirements according to TSI PRM and standards such as EN 14752.

The sounders’ sound level can be adjusted in compliance with the required standard. Individual tones up to 100 dB(A) or WAVE files can be integrated into the sounder. Sounders can be individually parameterized on site.

TSL-ESCHA has a variety of sounders.
The product highlights are listed below



  • Extremely flat stainless steel front panel
  • Mounted from the outside with different housing shapes
  • Built-up acoustic warning sounder


  • Same construction type as the PK Series door push buttons
  • Housing shape like the PK Series mounted from the outside
  • Built-up acoustic warning sounder
SM87 Warntongeber TSL-ESCHA

Built-in acoustic warning sounder

  • SM87 and SM87V Series
  • For back side mounting behind a pre-punched cover
  • Compact loudspeaker unit for concealed installation
TSL-Warntongeber Zubehör Laptop USB Steuergerät

Sounder accessories

  • Parameterization box
  • Decon software
  • Netbook