TSL-ESCHA is the worldwide market leader in the field of door opening push buttons. The usage of LED technology at the end of the eighties led to the development of further product families, such as signal and indicator lights as well as LED lighting solutions for buses, trains and emergency vehicles. The company develops, produces and distributes door opening push buttons, signal devices and LED lights. The products and solutions of TSL comply with the TSI-PRM transport technology standards. Our portfolio also includes robust LED lighting solutions for industry.

TSL-ESCHA offers solutions for public transportation in five product groups as well as suitable wiring systems

PK28-S Taster zur Türöffnung und mit Rollstuhl-Piktogramm

Push buttons

  • Push button series: PK, PK52, CK and MP
  • Product series: Hand rail buttons and door control units
  • Usage in the door area of rail vehicles and buses, both on the inside and outside, as well as in lavatories
  • High functional reliability
  • Passenger comfort
  • Relevant standards are met
SLE160 Signalleuchte der TSL eingebaut im Türbereich

LED signal lights

  • Product series: Signal lights, light strips, passenger information lights, LED light in door cove and multi-purpose light
  • Usage on the interior and exterior door area of buses and trains
  • Optimal brightness and recognition
  • Allow passengers comfortable and safe use of public transport
  • Reliable warning of hazards on moving doors and ramps
Warnmelder WM87 und PK23-S Taster der TSL im Türbereich


  • Product series: WM87, PKW21 and built-in acoustic warning sounders (SM87 and SM87V)
  • Usage on the interior and exterior door area of buses and trains
  • Automatic sound level adjustment to the environment (optional)
  • Individually parameterizable (optional)
  • Output of spoken text, melodies and signal tones possible
  • Reliable acoustic warning through high sound pressure
ML100 Meldegerät von TSL zeigt

Indicator and display devices

  • Product series: ML, PKM and PKM52
  • Usage on both the interior and exterior of rail vehicles and buses as well as in the lavatories
  • Timely indication for the passengers, for example about door status
  • Different shapes and light fields; large selection of existing pictographs
EL50 Einbauspot von TSL im Türbereich und Fahrgastinformationsleuchte PL13

LED lighting

  • Product series: Built-in lights, linear lights, workstation lights, ring lights, LED light in door cove and miniature lights
  • Usage in buses and trains as well as in industry
  • Optimized efficiency in mechanics, electronics and lighting technology
  • Needs-based luminosity and durable
Verkabelung TSL-ESCHA

Wiring systems

  • Pre-assembled connection cables and connecting lines
  • Reduced wiring time and effort thanks to pre-wired industrial connectors
  • Fully encapsulated door leaf distributors that significantly facilitate the wiring of push buttons and signal devices in and around the vehicle door