Door area on the outside of the train

Whether for new vehicles or modernization projects, the TSL-ESCHA product portfolio offers diverse and comprehensive rail vehicle solutions. The door area on the outside of the train can be thoroughly equipped with TSL products: door opening push buttons, signal lights as well as optical and acoustic indicator devices.

The aim of our products is to give passengers a safe and comfortable feeling when using public transport. Seeing exactly what the door status is. Hearing exactly when the doors open or close. Feeling exactly how doors can be opened with the protruding push button. You can also customize push buttons or acoustic warning sounders to suit your vehicle, for example in terms of color or light and sound signals.

TSL products for the door area on the outside of trains comply with the current railway standards and are also available in TSI-PRM compliant versions.

Product overview

Push buttons

Buzzers and indicator devices

LED signal lights

  • LED light strips LS
  • Door indicator light PL13
  • Signal light SLE160 as well as SLK63, SLE63 and SL63
  • Multi-purpose light SLR120
  • Linear light PL30
  • Level indicator SLF