As the name of the multi-purpose light SLR120 suggests, this TSL product can be combined in many ways. A signal light ring with an outer diameter of 120 millimeters serves as the basis. An optional buzzer, such as WM87 and PKW21, or an inside panel can be integrated in the inner diameter. A push button with the same hole dimensions, such as the Presskey, can also be combined with the SLR120.

TSL-ESCHA’s multi-purpose light SLR120 is used in public transport vehicles. This product can be installed in the door cove inside and on the wall panel outside. The big advantage for rail operators: The combination of a signal light ring and acoustic warning sounder informs passengers both visually and acoustically about the opening and closing processes at the door, thus promoting passenger safety.

The SLR120 also saves space, as it compactly combines the signal light ring and acoustic warning sounder products.  This in turn reduces the installation effort and costs. The fully encapsulated electronics with 40 LEDs provides for surprisingly bright illumination.

Multi-purpose light SLR120 product highlights

  • Suitable for a combination of signal light and buzzer
  • Three color display options available: red, green, red-green alternating
  • Application area in the door cove or outside on the wall panel
  • Proven chemical resistance to many surface cleaners
  • Can be mounted from the front side and comes equipped with a cable outlet for optional plugs
  • Complies with the current standards for rail vehicles (EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and EN 61373)
Kombileuchte SLR im Türfügel

The SLR120 can optionally be combined with the WM87 acoustic warning sounder.

Leuchtring Kombileuchte SLR
Masszeichnung SLR120 TSL-ESCHA
Montageausschnitt SLR120 TSL-ESCHA
Product features
Installation On the interior and exterior door area
Construction type In combination with WM87/PKW21
Variants Colors individually controllable
Luminous colors Red or green and bicolor red+green
Beam angle Ideal signaling all around
Technical data
Operating voltage 24 or 110 VDC
Nominal power Approx. 1.2 W @ 24 VDC or 2.2 W @ 110 VDC
Operating temperature -40 … +80 °C
Degree of protection IP67
Visible external dimensions (D x H) Ø121 x 15 mm