HST Series hand rail button are particularly durable thanks to their robust housing and compact construction type. Underlying inscriptions and pictographs are protected by scratch-resistant, transparent polyamide. This ensures that the push buttons always look good and prevents the pictographs from fading, thus guaranteeing the contrast values. The minimum contrast value according to EN 16584-1:2017 and EU Regulation No. 1300/2014 (TSI PRM:2019) is required not only when newly installed, but also for the long term.

Optional haptic feedback using vibration (HSTIV model), which is particularly used in Scandinavia, is a hand rail button innovation. Passengers receive immediate haptic feedback when they press the button. This additional tactile feedback is intended to provide visually impaired passengers more comfort and safety when using buses and trains.

The variants with braille and raised pictographs also meet the special requirements of the TSI PRM and EU directives to ensure optimum support for persons with reduced mobility.

Haltestangentaster HST der TSL

HST hand rail buttons from TSL are used in many buses and trains.

HST hand rail button product highlights

  • Hand rail buttons in various designs and mounting shapes
  • Large selection of colors, texts and pictographs
  • Optional selection of lighting, braille, touch protection or vibration feedback
  • Complies with the current standards for rail vehicles (TSI-PRM, EN 50155 and EN 61373)
  • Raised tactile symbols on the push buttons
  • Easy to press thanks to large push buttons
Product features
Usage As a push button on hand rails or flat surfaces
Construction type Elongated construction type adapted to hand rails
Display window Made of plastic
Backlighting Red, green
Icons (W x H) 29 x 45 mm
Technical data
Nominal voltage 10 … 24 VDC (HST), 24 VDC (HSTI, HSTV, HSTIV)
Nominal current 30 mA @ 24 VDC (HSTI), 120 mA @ 24 VDC (HSTV, HSTIV)
Switching current Max. 200 mA
Operating temperature -40 … +85 °C (HST), -30 … +80 °C (HSTI), -5 … +60 °C (HSTV, HSTIV)
Degree of protection IP40

HST Series hand rail buttons at a glance

Haltestangentaster HST30 mit Berührungsschutz von der TSL-ESCHA
  • Mounting on a hand rail with a diameter of 35 mm (standard)
  • Mounting on rails with a diameter of 30 or 32 mm diameter using a mounting adapter
  • Two variants of touch surfaces: almost flush with the housing and raised (letter E added to the product name)
  • Compatible with additional HSTB housing (touch protection)
Haltestangentaster HST0 der TSL-ESCHA mit Brailleschrift
  • Mounting on the wall panel (HST0)
  • Mounting with an adapter on a hand rail with a diameter of 40 mm (HST40)
  • Two variants of touch surfaces: almost flush with the housing and raised (letter E added to the product name)
HST0 mit Illuminatio, erhabener Tastfläche und Brailleschrift
  • Optional illumination for the above-mentioned HST variants
  • Letter I (for illumination) indicates this in the product name
  • Two-color illumination: green for better localization of the button; red for optical feedback after the push button has been pressed
  • The button illuminates behind the touch surface
  • Can optionally be equipped with a small vibration motor for the above-mentioned HST variants
  • Letter V (for vibration) indicates this in the product name
  • Passenger briefly receives additional haptic feedback when pressing the touch surface
  • More comfort and safety for the visually impaired