Many passengers are in a hurry in their fast-paced everyday life and depend on good, clear passenger information when travelling by train. TSL indicator and display devices provide timely information about defective vehicle doors or door statuses and function reliably. Thanks to their robust construction, they are used on both the interior and exterior of trains, as they are resistant to weather and environmental impacts as well as vandalism. Large display fields with back-printed texts and pictographs as well as a bright and contrasting presentation ensure reliable passenger information in the train boarding area and in lavatories.

Thanks to our longstanding experience as a push button manufacturer, many indicator lights have the same construction as push buttons. This makes it easy to combine them into groups in door areas or lavatories. We also offer panels with different series on request.

TSL indicator lights put priority on the following:

  • Usage in the door area of rail vehicles and buses, both on the inside and outside, as well as in lavatories
  • Indicator lights in perfect combination with several push button series
  • Reliable status information adapted to suit the place of usage
  • Different shapes and light fields, a large selection of existing pictographs and different mounting versions

TSL-ESCHA has three product series for indicator devices and display devices.

The product highlights are listed below

ML52 Meldeleuchte WC TSL-ESCHA


    • The ML52, MLS52, ML63, ML64, ML90 and ML100 Series
    • Usage in the door area on the inside and outside of rail vehicles, in the interior and in lavatories
    • Clear and reliable status information
    • Robust and easy-care housing
    • Different sized light fields
    • Mounting also possible in the glass door (ML63 and ML100)
PKM Meldeleuchte TSL-ESCHA


  • Design similar to the PK52 push button series
  • Usage in the door area on the inside and outside of rail vehicles and in lavatories
  • Large selection of pictographs and customer-specific texts
  • Robust stainless steel mounting ring
  • Concealed mounting screws
  • Illuminated field with a diameter of 52 millimeters
PKM indicator light from TSL to indicate door status


  • Design similar to the PK push button series
  • Usage on the interior and exterior door area of rail vehicles
  • Front panel in numerous colors and two different shapes
  • Double-sided display possible
  • Illuminated field with a diameter of 28 millimeters
  • Mounting also in the glass door