TSL-ESCHA’s door indicator light PL13 is used in the interior of rail vehicles in the door cove. It is an information and signal light. PL13’s enhanced visibility offers passengers more safety and comfort when boarding and alighting buses and trains.

The door indicator light PL13 features four luminous colors. Blue indicates a stop request for physically disabled persons, of which the driver is also informed. A green light indicates a normal stop request. Red warns about the current status of the door and yellow indicates a defective door. The light thus perfectly informs passengers about the door status. The door that will open can even be indicated before the stop on bidirectional vehicles, thereby speeding up boarding and alighting.

Thanks to its rounded housing design, TSL’s door indicator light PL13 is easily recognizable, even from different viewing directions. The integrated light diffuser reduces extreme contrasts between light and shadow and emits a soft light.

The PL13’s power supply is housed in the cove. The light is first mounted on the outside of the cove. Then both components are screwed together. This TSL series is particularly robust and resistant to shock and vibration.

The PL13 meets the requirements for the fire behavior of materials according to EN 45545-2.

TSL’s door indicator light PL13 is available in two lengths: 509 millimeters (PL13x05) and 1009 millimeters (PL13x10).

Door indicator light PL13 product highlights

  • Good visibility of the light signals
  • Often mounted above the door area on the door cove
  • Light diffuser emits soft light
  • Can be mounted from the inside and connected to a PCU as well as a cable outlet for optional plugs
  • Resistant to shock and vibration.
  • Complies with the current standards for rail vehicles (EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and EN 61373)

The PL13 informs passengers about the status of the doors in the boarding and alighting area.

Fahrgastinformationsleuchte ÜL13 der TSL in rot
Fahrgastinformationsleuchte PL13 der TSL in rot
Masszeichnung PL13 TSL-ESCHA
Product features
Installation Surface mounting above the doors in the interior as well as mounting from the back side possible
Construction type Raised construction type; optional lengths
Luminous colors Various luminous colors of the RGB spectrum available
Beam angle Good lateral recognition
Technical data
Operating voltage 24 VDC
Nominal power 6 W @ 24 VDC at 1 m
Operating temperature -25 … +55 °C
Degree of protection IP20
Visible external dimensions (L x H x W) 509 or 1009 x 30 x 22 mm