The numerous possible combinations within the push button series results in an almost infinite variety of solutions for TSL-ESCHA customers. TSL push buttons can be found everywhere on buses, streetcars, subways or high-speed trains. Whether on the exterior, interior or in the lavatories.

A door opening push button must function just as reliably under conditions of extreme heat with dust as in case of high humidity or icy temperatures. TSL-ESCHA takes passenger comfort as seriously as it does functional reliability. Our push buttons meet the relevant standards and, with a few exceptions, can be supplied in TSI-PRM compliant versions.

The TSL push button series puts priority on the following:

  • Intuitive operation and clear recognition, even for passengers with limited capabilities, thanks to touch surfaces and acoustic signals
  • Designed for railway applications and accordingly conceived for harsh environments
  • Developed to meet the market requirements of transport companies and the expectations of their passengers
  • Quick, easy and versatile mounting
  • Also available in smaller quantities

TSL-ESCHA’s portfolio includes four push button series for buses and trains. The product highlights are listed below


PK52 Series

  • Diverse, customized parameter setting
  • Large, eye-catching touch surface
  • Easy visual recognition
  • Tactile switching feel

PK Series

  • Options for different switching functions, touch surfaces, mounting rings, LED colors and pictographs
  • Eight construction types and five mounting versions
  • Space-saving installation
  • Parameterizable sound and light signals

CK Series

  • Particularly flat design
  • Robust stainless steel front panel
  • Durable contrast between pictograph and front panel
  • Tactile switching feel

MP Series

  • Sealed, one-piece push button
  • Smallest TSL-ESCHA push button series
  • Optical signaling
  • Integrated timer function