Buses and trains operate every day in a wide variety of climate zones – often under very harsh operating conditions. TSL-ESCHA LED signal lights are optimized for the various application areas. They are thus designed to withstand extreme heat and dust as well as high humidity and frost.

In addition to functional reliability, priority is put on passenger needs: optimal brightness and recognition of signal lights allow passengers to use public transport comfortably and, above all, safely.

The TSL LED signal light series puts priority on the following:

  • Optimized efficiency in mechanics, electronics and lighting
  • Needs-based luminosity
  • Standards-compliant development
  • Durability

TSL-ESCHA has five product series in its portfolio. LED signal light product highlights at a glance


Signal lights

  • The SLE16x series, SLE150 as well as SLF63, SL63, SLE63, SLK63 and SLK50, TL80 and TL83 Series
  • Usage on the interior and exterior door area of buses and trains
  • Robust housing
  • Outstanding brightness and recognition
Leuchtstreifen LSA TSL-ESCHA

Light strips

  • LS Series
  • Usage in rail vehicles and buses in the door element to clearly indicate the signaling during the opening and closing process
  • Adaptation to customer-specific vehicles and door leaf contours possible
  • Customizable signaling colors
Fahrgastinformationsleuchte ÜL13 der TSL in rot

Door indicator light

  • PL13 Series
  • Application area in the door area of rail vehicles
  • Intended for interior use only
  • Four different luminous colors indicate the respective status (blue, green, red, yellow)

LED light in door cove

  • VL55 Series
  • Installation in the door cove of rail vehicles
  • Combines door illumination and signaling
  • Customizable signaling colors
Kombileuchte SLR120 iin Kombination mit Warntongeber WM87

Multi-purpose light

  • SLR120 Series
  • To adapt the light signal for the WM87 or the PKW21
  • Bicolor version possible
  • Easily expandable mounting opening for the sounders

Handrail light HL18

  • Handrail light HL18
  • For installation or retrofitting in handrails
  • Can also be used as signal light in red and green