Lavatories interior

The train lavatory is often a rather small room. That is why space-saving products are also important when it comes to installation and assembly. For example, the CK Series emergency call push button is a good choice as it is particularly flat. This means that it can also be used on thin walls. TSL-ESCHA also has a PK52 Series emergency call push button in its portfolio.

TSL push buttons can also be used to flush the toilet and perform various functions at the washbowl. A perfect solution for this is a panel equipped with MP or CK push buttons, for example. The advantage here is simple and quick mounting. All TSL push buttons have degree of protection IP67, making them ideal for use in lavatories.

TSL built-in spotlights and the PL14 linear light, which can be attached to the mirror, for example, are ideal for lighting the train’s lavatories.