The new ceiling lighting series LL of TSL-ESCHA is a long-term, versatile, and expandable solution. It offers an individual lighting concept and an intelligent luminaire system for easy and predictive maintenance. Fixed light colors or colors adapted to the respective situation from warm white to cold white light (Tunable white) can be realized. A homogeneous light without transitions can be achieved over the entire length of the vehicle with the LL series.

The advantage of the linear light series is its simple and intelligent wiring, as this is routed in the luminaire. This makes the system a cost-effective option that is also easy to assemble. Each Printed circuit board can be individually adjusted in terms of brightness and light color. This makes it easy to implement individual customer requirements and the normative requirements of homogeneity throughout the vehicle. The same applies to compliance with standards such as for electronic equipment (EN 50155), photometric requirements (EN 13272-2) and fire protection (EN 45545-2 up to Hazard Level 3).

The linear lights can be connected to the existing communication system of the vehicle. Digital control enables higher-level control via a gateway. This enables higher-level control. By analyzing and evaluating the collected data, correct maintenance work can be carried out, suitable spare parts can be provided, and the downtime can be kept as short as possible. The magic word in this area is predictive maintenance.

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Product Hightlights Linear Light LL

  • Intelligent and individual lighting solution
  • Variable light lengths allow installation in any vehicle
  • Cost and time savings during maintenance
  • Predictive planning of repairs possible (predictive maintenance)
  • Plug-&-play system components – from diffusers to profiles
  • The LL system is a cost-effective variant that already has a basic intelligence.
  • Long-lasting and expandable solution
  • Networking of the different systems enables higher-level control and monitoring (Railway 4.0)
LED-Deckenbeleuchtung Linear Leuchte Serie LL TSL-ESCHA

Ceiling lighting series LL in a Tram

Product Features
Installation Suitable as ceiling lighting in railway
Construction type Individual
Luminous flux ~ 1.570 lm/m
Luminous color Tunable White
Beam angle Wide radiation
Technical data
Nominal voltage individual
Nominal power Max. ca. 25 W @ 24 VDC, per meter
Operating temperature -40 … +70 °C
Degree of protection IP40
Visible external dimensions (L x W x H) Individual