TSL-ESCHA’s PKW21 sounders are used in rail vehicles. The products installed in the door area warn passengers of opening and closing doors by means of various beeps. Thanks to the similar construction of the Presskey push button, the PKW21 sounder fits well into the overall picture of the vehicle along with push buttons and signal lights.

Up to seven different tones and melodies can be parameterized according to customer specifications. Thus alerting passenger to any situation on the vehicle.

Equipped with an optional adaptive adjustment to the ambient sound level, TSL’s PKW21 acoustic warning sounder ensures that each passenger hears the beeps at an appropriate volume. This ensures that the beeps are heard just as well in an suburban train with celebrating soccer fans as during a quiet night ride in an Intercity train car.

Optical feedback can also be added with the SLR120 signal light. The illuminated ring matches the size of the sounder and uses red/green LEDs to indicate the status of the door. This results in even better passenger warning. The signal light encloses TSL’s PKW21 buzzer and uses its mounting screws.

PKW21 sounder product highlights

  • Adaptive sound level adjustment on all side entry systems for rail vehicles
  • Mounting outside or inside on the door area
  • Robust housing technology, high degree of protection and wide operating temperature range
  • Proven chemical resistance to many surface cleaners
  • Can be mounted from the front side and comes equipped with a cable outlet for optional plugs
  • Complies with the current standards for rail vehicles (EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and EN 61373)
  • Up to seven different tones or melodies can be parameterized according to customer requirements
Warnmelder WM87 und PK23-S Taster der TSL im Türbereich

The PKW21 sounders inform passengers about the door status.

Warntongeber PKW TSL-ESCHA
Masszeichnung PKW21 TSL-ESCHA
Montageausschnitt PKW21 TSL-ESCHA
Product features
Usage Integration of the acoustic warning in the boarding area of rail vehicles
Construction type Housing shape like the PK Series mounted from the outside
Variants Various color options
Frequency range 450 … 8,000 Hz
Sound level … 75 dB(A)
Technical data
Nominal voltage 24 … 110 VDC
Nominal power 1.5 W @ 24 VDC
Operating temperature -40 …+80 °C
Degree of protection IP67
Visible external dimensions (D x H) Ø87 x 10 mm