The climatic chamber in the test laboratory has impressed the WDR TV team. Volker Schmitz, head of development lab at TSL-ESCHA, had cooled the device down to minus 55 degrees to simulate the Russian winter. There is a thick layer of ice on the door opening button and the LED light strips. But the products work perfectly. This sequence marks the beginning of the TV report on the TSL-ESCHA, which was broadcast in October 2020 in local TV station WDR Lokalzeit Südwestfalen.

A few days before the TV report about TSL-ESCHA was broadcasted, reporter Gerrit Saßmann was with cameraman Ilja Wittenberg and sound assistant Max Bergmann was at the Halver-based company for filming. They became aware of TSL through a press release reporting on the Moscow Metro project. For the Metro in the Russian capital, TSL-ESCHA 2015 developed light strips for the door element, which conspicuously mark the opening and closing process. Meanwhile, there are different variants of the LS series, which are oriented to the different installation situations of the various vehicle manufacturers. All over the world, the light strips now ensure greater safety in the door area of trains.

The three-minute TV report shows the production of light strips as well as the assembly of door opening push buttons, which TSL has been developing and producing for 35 years. In the test laboratory, the durability tests of buttons were filmed and the same climatic chamber mentioned in the beginning, which can simulate temperatures from minus 55 degrees to plus 80 degrees as well as tropical climates.

This is the very successful result of the shooting of the WDR team at TSL-ESCHA. Here you can take a look behind the scenes of our production.