TSL-ESCHA moved into its current production location in January 2000. The company has grown enormously since then.

Four product series and thirteen employees accompanied TSL-ESCHA’s relocation to its new facilities at Elberfelder Strasse 1 in Halver in January 2000. 20 years later TSL boasts over 20 product lines and 110 employees. The medium-sized company from Germany’s Sauerland region has established itself as the global market leader for door opening push buttons used in public transport systems.

“We started small and have grown in the last 20 years, especially in the last ten years. It was important for us to develop product solutions quickly with specialist personnel and thus meet customer needs while offering our customers added value,” says Klaus-Peter Schmauch, Chief Technical Officer of TSL-ESCHA. He has been with the company from the very start. The name TSL comes from the initial letters in the words for push buttons, signaling and lights in German. The basic functions of the three product groups are: door opening push buttons, beepers and LED lights for buses and trains.

Along with the premises, the product portfolio also grew

The move into the new premises was the starting signal for a multitude of further and new developments. The first TSG door control units were produced in 2003. They are usually attached to the hand rails of buses and allow passengers to independently prompt the opening of the door. 100,000 TSG units have now been sold. TSL developed the stop request button for hand rails a year later. It is now one of the bestsellers with over 800,000 units sold to date. The next product highlights were the WM87 acoustic warning sounder (2008) and the PK52 door opening push button (2011). They are used in rail vehicles around the world.

The LS Series LED light strips developed in 2016 are a great success. TSL is a pioneer for the light strips in movable door elements; they clearly indicate the opening and closing process. The company from Germany’s Sauerland region first implemented this signal strip for the Moscow Metro. There are now different variants of the LS Series that are adapted to suit different installation situations. The light strips now ensure greater safety in the door area of trains and buses worldwide. Last year TSL-ESCHA gave the popular hand rail button an additional function: a vibration motor. This gives passengers direct feedback after pressing the stop request push button. The product is very well accepted by the market, especially in Scandinavia.

“As we develop a great number of customer-specific solutions, our product portfolio is extremely diverse. We of course attach great importance to high product quality, durability and good service,” emphasizes Managing Director Lutz Höfer.

This is how it all began and how TSL-ESCHA developed

The company’s foundation was laid in Oststraße in Halver, Germany back in 1986. The switching technology division was created at ESCHA Bauelemente GmbH for the production and distribution of door opening push buttons for both road and rail vehicles. In 2006 the division was spun off as an independent company under the name ESCHA TSL GmbH. The company was renamed TSL-ESCHA GmbH in 2013. Despite the name changes, one thing has always remained the same: high-quality products and creative customer-specific solutions.

When it relocated to Elberfelder Strasse 1 in January 2000, TSL initially only took over two rooms plus a basement room. More rooms were gradually added up until 2011 by which time the building was completely occupied. TSL-ESCHA is growing steadily; recently an additional production area was leased in Halver. “We are continue to grow,” says Managing Director Lutz Höfer and adds: “We are a partner to the global vehicle industry. Although our sales representatives and sales partners are active in over 30 countries worldwide,we are rooted in Germany’s Sauerland region. Down-to-earth, reliable and innovative not only describes our region, but also our company philosophy.”