TSL supplied PK28 push buttons, signal lights, indicator lights, and buzzers for the new light rail vehicles in Munich. The operator Stadtwerke München (SWM) ordered 73 additional trams in 2019. The vehicles complement the streetcars of the same type already providing passenger service.

The new vehicles are scheduled for delivery as of 2021. A wide assortment of TSL-ESCHA products are installed in Munich’s trams, ranging from push buttons and acoustic warning sounders to light strips and signal lights. The four-car trains are in operation throughout the Munich tramway network. They accommodate up to 218 passengers.

The new trains will enable Stadtwerke München and its subsidiary Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) to improve the existing tramway network. The light rail vehicles offers the optimal passenger capacity between bus and subway. As an electromobility pioneer trams have been powered exclusively with electricity for over 120 years.

(Photos: Siemens Mobility)

Special features

  • The VL55 LED light in door cove was newly developed for this project and then added to the product portfolio
  • The SLE160 signal light was manufactured with a black cover to better harmonize with the door design. The signal light flashes when the ramp is extended
  • The EL70 was specially manufactured as a gantry light and is used in the transition area between the cars in the inspection flap