TSL-ESCHA’s new HSTIV assists persons with reduced mobility in using local public transport. After pressing the stop request button, passengers receive vibration and lighting feedback and can feel and recognize that they have pressed the push button.

Bus and train travel should be easy, safe and comfortable for every passenger. This is the goal of TSL-ESCHA. The medium-sized company is increasingly focusing on people with reduced mobility in its development of new products. The latest highlight: A stop request push button that gives the passenger immediate vibration feedback when pressed.

“It is very important to us that our push buttons, acoustic warning sounders and signal lights comply with the standards and the TSI-PRM, while creating added value for the passengers,” explains Klaus-Peter Schmauch, Technical Manager of TSL-ESCHA GmbH, and adds: “Large touch surfaces, optimum LED brightness, braille and acoustic warning and information signals make it easier for the hearing and visually impaired as well as passengers with reduced mobility to use public transport.”

The new HSTIV hand rail button is equipped with a small vibration motor. The passenger briefly receives additional haptic feedback when pressing the touch surface.This function is intended to offer more comfort and safety to visually impaired passengers in particular.

New product feature with unique selling point

TSL-ESCHA develops, manufactures and distributes custom-tailored solutions. The HSTIV was, for example, was designed for a current customer project in Scandinavia, as a comparable solution did not yet exist. This means that the product has currently a unique selling point on the market.“It is extremely important for us to always keep pace with the times and to set standards with new developments in order to give people with reduced mobility the best possible and safe feeling when travelling by bus or train,” says Klaus-Peter Schmauch.

To avoid improper use, the push button is set so that, after being pressed five times in short succession, the vibration feedback can only be reactivated after a pause of about two seconds. This can be switched on or off by the TSL, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The HSTIV (hand rail button illuminated vibration) is also available with optional two-color illumination. The color green stands for better localization of the push button. The color red provides an optical confirmation of the stop request when the push button is pressed. This facilitates visual orientation and ensures sufficient light/dark and color contrast. When combined with vibration feedback, it helps passengers clearly feel and see that they have pressed the button.

TSL-ESCHA offers product variants with braille and raised pictographs that comply with TSI-PRM requirements as well as national and international standards. The large touch surface of the hand rail buttons make them easier to locate. Our wide range of existing pictographs and housing colors, as well as the possibility of creating customized solutions, allow bus and streetcar operators to implement customer-specific usage in the respective vehicle.