Since fall, the first vehicles of the new tram generation have been in operation in Bremen in northern Germany. The vehicles were christened “Nordlicht” (Northern Light) by transportation company Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG). The new double-sided PK52 push buttons are already installed in the glass doors. The PK52 push button series has proven itself in the market. Therefore TSL-ESCHA has developed a new double-sided version of the PK52 for glass mounting.

The special highlight: Thanks to the movable cable cover, the new spacer ring can be easily adapted to different door profiles, thus compensating for tolerances and gap dimensions. The cable covers are available for five different angles for adaptation to the respective door profiles.

Another special feature: TSL is the only manufacturer to offer a push button for glass thicknesses from 4 to 14 millimeters. The PK52 stands out on the push button market due to its large active touch surface and small installation dimensions.

The new design of the spacer ring facilitates assembly by pre-fixing the push button, as the outside push button is held by this element during installation. Inside and outside push buttons are connected to each other via an electrical interface. If necessary, the inside and outside push buttons can be exchanged separately

The new double-sided PK52 for installation in glass doors of buses and trains is the perfect addition to the popular push button series. This impresses with its very good lateral recognition of the status displays and its haptic push button feedback as well as with an optional, acoustic orientation signal.

On the PK52, the fastening screws are covered by a stainless steel bezel. This offers great advantages in many areas: The powder-coated front panel is available in various RAL colors, which then stand out from the vehicle in a contrasting way. The surface of the bezel complies the requirements of EN 16584-1, point Optionally, the touch surface can also be provided with a coating resistant to graffiti remover.

The PK52 push buttons of TSL can be individually adapted to doors and vehicle design. A total of 77 new trams will make local transport in the Hanseatic City of Bremen more attractive and modern by 2023The PK52 supports passengers in getting on and off the tram safely.

Product Highlights PK52 push-button

  • Cable cover available for five different door profiles (0°, 6°, 10°, 15°, 25°)
  • The movable cable cover allows manufacturers to compensate for tolerances in the mounting cutout
  • Standard insert for 4-7 mm glass thickness, even optional glass thickness
    of 8-14 mm possible
  • Push button with one-sided function with blind cover instead of an inside push button
  • Intuitive operation, even for passengers with reduced mobility, thanks to large touch surface and acoustic signals
  • Complies with the standard EN 14752 (side entrance systems for railway vehicles), EN 45545-2 (fire protection) and EN 16854-1 (durability of contrast)
  • Complies with TSI-PRM

Technical Data

Nominal voltage 24 VDC
Nominal current 50 mA @ 24 VDC, 110 mA @ 24 VDC with tone
Switching current 150 mA
Switching function Normally open (NO), PNP or NPN
Operating temperature -40 … +80 °C
Degree of protection IP67 (outside)
Luminous colors red, green
Operating force complies with TSI-PRM and EN 14752