The airport fire department has been using four new high-tech Panther fire trucks in Stuttgart since July 2019. Engine start and door opening push buttons from TSL-ESCHA get the airport’s new fleet off to a quick start.

Safety both in the air and on the ground is a top priority at Stuttgart Airport. That is why the airport fire department is renewing its vehicle fleet and now using four Panther 6×6 fire trucks from Rosenbauer. The new high-tech fire trucks are among the most modern of their kind.

To help the firefighters get to the place of emergency as quickly as possible, the engine start and PK52 door opening push buttons are located on the vehicle’s outer wall panel, allowing easy opening of the cab door as well as starting of the engine and other systems. The large touch surface and built-in high-power LEDs make the push buttons easy to find, especially in the dark. Thanks to the special design of the light guides, the PK52 offers excellent lateral recognition of the push button. Special requirements for light and sound signals are realized individually for the vehicle operators. TSL-ESCHA products are designed for optimum operability. The company based in Germany’s Sauerland region has been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for bus and rail vehicles as well as industry and emergency vehicles for more than 30 years.

 (Photo: Stuttgart Airport)

PK52 push button supports fast arrival at the place of emergency

The Panther 6×6 are true powerhouses – twelve meters long, three meters wide and almost four meters high. In addition, the 750 hp engine accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 32 seconds. The top speed is 120 km/h. With the PK52 push button helping get the fire trucks off to a quick start, it is no problem at all for the firefighters to reach the emergency scene within three minutes in accordance with the specifications for international airports.

Stuttgart Airport’s fire department carries out more than 5,000 missions per year. Around 12 million passengers take off and land at Stuttgart Airport every year. More than 55 airlines fly to over 120 destinations.