The Moscow Metro, one of the largest and most spectacular subway networks in the world, had door light strips from TSL-ESCHA installed for the first time as part of an order. The specially developed LED light strips use red and green LEDs to warn passengers when vehicle door are about to open or close.

Part of the Moscow Metro’s over 425-kilometer network runs above ground. Double-sided PK28 push buttons are also used in the vehicles on the relevant lines. This ensures that in the cold winter months the door is only opened when a button is actually pressed at the required stops.

(Photos: THM)

Special features

  • The LSA light strips were specially developed for this project and adapted to the installation situation of the metro trains.
  • The double-sided PK28 door opening push buttons are installed in the vehicles that stop at above-ground stops.
Region of operation Moscow (Russia)
TSL products PK28 door opening push button
LSA door light strip

Vehicle manufacturer TMH shot a promotional video in which TSL-ESCHA’s PK push buttons and light strips were beautifully staged.