Regional trains with buzzers and indicator lights from TSL-ESCHA traverse London. One of the largest railway construction projects in Europe was launched in 2009 to relieve the London Underground. With over 260 million passengers a year, the Central line, which opened in 1900, has reached the limits of its capacity. The new Elizabeth line, with a length of almost 118 kilometers, is being built under the project name Crossrail.

Newly procured regional trains have been operating on the newly built sections of line in London since June 2017. Several thousand ML63 indicator lights and WM87 buzzers are installed in the door areas of the regional trains in London; among other things, the TSL products warn passengers about closing and opening doors.

The various sections of line will be completed in stages. The exact completion date of the final stages has not been set to date.

(Photos: Bombardier)

Region of operations London (England)
TSL products WM87 buzzer
ML63 indicator light