Customized development

A new product is created from a customer request.

All over the world, TSL products are installed on buses and trains. Since 2004, the HST series handrail buttons have also been on board. Due to new customer requirements and the resulting further developments, the products always are on the pulse of time.

The latest development is a variant with additional acoustic feedback. The HSTIA (the “A” stands for acoustic) was developed with a ceramic loudspeaker for a customer project in Poland. The aim here is to provide passengers with more safety through additional acoustic feedback when the pushbutton is actuated.

Having already launched the HSTIV in 2019, a handrail button with haptic feedback through vibration, we have once again succeeded in developing a passenger-friendly solution that is readily available, easy to install, and cost-effective at the same time.

The additional illumination also helps passengers with impaired hearing identify the actuation by the color change of the LEDs.


Long life span

The big plus of the HST series is their long-term protection and long service life thanks to a sturdy housing and compact design. TSL-ESCHA is known in the market for realizing many special customer requests. These include not only the new development of the HSTIA with its acoustic feedback, but also, for example, an additional contact protection against unintentional actuation.

TSL develops, manufactures and sells customized solutions. Thus, one million handrail push buttons sold is another milestone in the 35-year company history of TSL-ESCHA, of which the employees are very proud.

Highlights of the Hand Rail Buttons

  • Optional equipment with a ceramic loudspeaker for the HSTI variants
  • Letter A (for acoustic) indicates this in the product name
  • Acoustic feedback starts for a short time when the touch surface is pressed, so that additional feedback is heard
  • More comfort and safety for visually impaired persons