The new suburban train cars in Hamburg are equipped with numerous TSL-ESCHA products, such as the PK52 push button series. Since December 2018, the old suburban train cars have gradually been replaced by the new model. The new trains run on the S21 line in and around Hamburg.

The modern trains feature three TSL-ESCHA product families.The door area is equipped with door opening push buttons, signal lights as well as buzzers to ensure increased safety and comfort. Special attention is paid to persons with reduced mobility (PRM). The contrasting PK52 push buttons in Hamburg’s S-Bahn trains are therefore equipped with an orientation tone. When the train enters the station, a signal tone helps visually impaired people easily find the push button. This and other aspects ensure compliance with TSI-PRM. The SLK63 signal lights and the WM87 buzzer provide the necessary optical and acoustic signaling when doors are opened and closed.

(Photos: Bombardier)

Special features

  • PK52 push buttons are equipped with an orientation tone that helps visually impaired people find the boarding area
Region of operations Hamburg (Germany)
TSL products PK52 door opening push button 
SLK63 signal light
WM87 buzzers