Many e-buses equipped with the new hand rail button and integrated vibration feedback (HSTIV) from TSL are in use in Scandinavia. The Northern Europeans are pioneers in converting their bus fleets to electrically powered vehicles.

E-buses have been operating on the streets of Helsingborg, Sweden’s eighth largest city, since June 2019. The new vehicles provide passengers with emission-free public transport buses for the first time. The transport company Arriva uses 13 electric buses. Transport operator Nobina is even planning to put 230 e-buses on the streets of Norway’s capital Oslo. Oslo aims to operate an emission-free public transport system no later than by 2030.

At the Scandinavian customer’s request, the hand rail button from TSL-ESHA was equipped with a vibration motor (HSTIV) for the e-buses in order to improve feedback when operating the button and offer passengers with reduced mobility the best of comfort and security. It is a new development by TSL-ESCHA that is unique on the market.

(Photo: BYD)

Special features

  • A special vibration motor for tactile feedback was developed for the hand rail button (HSTIV)
  • Backlit touch surface for visual feedback
Region of operations Helsingborg (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway)
TSL products HSTIV hand rail button with vibration and illumination