Manuela Schoelling celebrates anniversary at TSL-ESCHA.

“I’ve been working here longer than I’ve been married,” says Manuela Schoelling with a laugh. On July 16, 2021, she celebrated her 25th anniversary with the company. In addition to many congratulations on a screen, her superiors and colleagues at TSL-ESCHA also presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a certificate and a plate of honor.

When Manuela Schoelling arrived on that day in July in 1996 for her first start of work in assembly production department, eight colleagues welcomed her. Five of them are still on board, “but otherwise it’s funny when you don’t even know a lot of colleagues these days.” That’s because the company has grown a lot in the last 25 years – to 120 employees by now. “Manuela Schoelling is an indispensable part of the team and has hardly changed at all over the years, perhaps only terms of her hair color and glasses. But unfortunately she doesn’t want to get involved in the next 25 years,” says Michael Werthmann (Head of Production) with a smile to the 51-year-old jubilee. “I have always enjoyed the work. Because it’s varied and interesting, because I’ve always manufactured different push buttons,” says Manuela Schoelling looking back and looking forward to the next few years, “because my colleagues are great.”

25-jaehriges Dienstjubiläum

Michael Werthmann (Head of Production, left), Klaus-Peter Schmauch (Technical Manager, 2nd from left) and Marcus Westmeier (Production Manager, right) congratulate Manuela Schoelling on her anniversary.