CK Touchless

The first hybrid push button from TSL-ESCHA that features touchless and tactile activation

TSL-ESCHA looks back on 35 years of experience in the development and production of push buttons. The focus is on the continuous development of products in order to realize holistic solutions to meet individual customer requirements. With the integration of touchless technology, TSL-ESCHA is expending its successful Combikey (CK) push button series and offers a product variation which additionally enables touchless activation of the push button.

The CK Touchless was designed for applications in rail vehicles and buses and can also be easily integrated into existing vehicles thanks to its simple installation. It offers a wide range of customized applications and is particularly suitable for use in wet cells and other areas where hygiene and cleanliness cannot be guaranteed on a permanent basis. The use of touchless technology also improves passenger comfort and increases personal well-being when using public transportation.

The CK Touchless is the first hybrid push button from TSL-ESCHA to feature a two-in-one solution. It is particularly user-friendly because, depending on the situation, preference and need, on the one hand it can be activated touchlessly via the sensor and, on the other hand, the passenger still has the option of activating it via the tactile touch surface.

The configuration of the touchless function ensures optimum coverage of the interaction area. Due to the pointed cone shape of the activation area, no adjacent push buttons are triggered. In addition, the sensor detects wiping movements during cleaning processes, so the push button is only activated when the movement is intended. Due to this intuitive hand movement toward the tactile touch surface, the CK Touchless is easy to handle and can be actuated effortlessly.

Proven product features of the CK push button series

The CK Touchless continues to combine the proven product features of the CK push button family. The robust building technology with a powder-coated stainless steel front bezel meets the requirements for quality and durability to meet the challenges of daily use in public transport. The transparent touch surface cover on the pictogram provides additional protection against abrasion and vandalism. Furthermore, the push button is also easy to clean thanks to its low-profile design and the stainless steel cover.

With the CK push button series and its modular design, TSL-ESCHA offers a wide range of possible combinations of colors, pictograms, touch surfaces and tactile symbols that can be customized. The tactile symbols are raised and comply in shape and size with the normative and legal requirements according to EN 14752.

The barrier-free and user-oriented operation makes the push button an efficient and reliable all-rounder in public transport that meets hygiene and customer requirements. The passengers’ sense of safety and well-being is enhanced, while the passenger experience is improved.

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Highlights of the CK Touchless push button

  • Touchless and tactile operation
  • Easy cleaning due to flat design and stainless steel front bezel
  • Customizable: Wide range of colors and pictograms
  • Pictogram permanently protected behind transparent touch surface cover
  • Robust housing technology, high degree of protection, durable
  • Coating resistant to graffiti remover for touch surface (optional)
  • Easy mounting
  • Wide range of customized applications e.g. in lavatories