Handrail Light for Rail Vehicles

Advanced LED lighting solutions from TSL-ESCHA

Leveraging their expertise in LED technology, TSL-ESCHA has introduced two versions of handrail lighting specifically designed for rail vehicles: the HL22 and HL18. The HL22 is another joint project between TSL-ESCHA and MAFELEC.

These lighting solutions blend seamlessly into the vehicle’s design, providing a modern appearance and enhancing the interior ambiance. Positioned strategically in the door areas, the handrail lights function as orientation aids for passengers, improving transfer efficiency and ensuring safe and comfortable boarding and alighting. This reduces wait and dwell times at stops. It is also possible to use colored light (red and green) to clearly signal the opening and closing of doors in order to further optimize the organization of transport operations.

Handrail Light as an All-in-One Solution, HL22

As an all-in-one solution, a light strip is installed directly into the handrail and is thus supplied as a complete assembly. The light emits through a pre-installed diffuser profile, creating a homogeneous indirect light pattern. A custom profile ensures the strength of the handrail. As a key safety element in the vehicle, the handrail must be particularly strong to withstand the increased loads in traffic while providing a secure grip for passengers.

Handrail Light as a Retrofit Option, HL18

In addition, TSL-ESCHA offers the HL18 handrail light, a retrofit option that allows the handrails of existing rail vehicles to be retrofitted with the innovative lighting. Suitable for a standard tube with a 35mm diameter, the HL18 requires a longitudinal milling as a mounting cutout for easy mechanical integration. This retrofit option allows existing vehicles to benefit from the advantages of the handrail light, with the flexibility to customize the length of lighting through stringing together individual light modules.

The flush and sealed mounting of HL18 ensures IP54 protection, safeguarding the light against dust and splash water.

Both lighting solutions are energy efficient and durable thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. With a range of color options (red, yellow, green) and white light (3000K-5000K) available, passengers can enjoy a personalized ambiance while maintaining the handrail’s uniform and pleasant feel.

Highlights of the HL22 and HL18

  • Recessed grips are optimally illuminated for safe and comfortable boarding and alighting
  • Aesthetic and functional, perfect integration into the interior of the rail vehicle
  • Creating a pleasant ambience in the interior
  • Good feel thanks to a smooth and even surface
  • Orientation aid for all passengers
  • Can also be used as a signal light in red and green