Good lighting means that the focus is not only on standards, but primarily on people, their requirements and their well-being. TSL-ESCHA built-in lights are compact and powerful. The small spotlights can be found particularly in the door area and in lavatories of rail vehicles. The proven EL50 series is now extended by two new beam characteristics with clear and diffuse covers.

The EL50 with a beam angle of 70 degrees are ideal for ceilings in wet rooms and passenger compartments, as well as for the door area to illuminate steps or landings. The EL50 can also be used in the driver’s cab. The EL50 series is suitable for all vehicles and installation situations. However, it is mainly used in rail vehicles because it complies with the fire protection standard EN 45545-2.

The EL series is characterized in particular by a flat design with a robust, flat glass cover and simple installation. The high-quality LED built-in spots are available in various luminous colors. A robust housing technology, a high degree of protection and a wide temperature range characterize the EL50, which has a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours. In addition to the proven beam angle of 32 degrees, the product portfolio is now being expanded to include new 70 degree variants.

The new EL50 version (with a white reflector) has a wide luminous intensity distribution curve. The 70 degree beam angle illuminates a wet room on the walls much better, for example, as it radiates more broadly. This makes the light even more homogeneous. In comparison, the proven EL50 has a wide beam angle of 32 degrees (black reflector). As a spot, this illuminates over five meters. The advantage of the new EL50 70°: the wider beam angle means that fewer built-in spots are required.

The new variant with a 70 degree beam angle with diffuse cover radiates the light even more homogeneously. This ensures less glare. This is achieved by means of an inserted diffuse foil. Around 30 percent less light shines through this. That makes the EL50 70°D suitable for use in lavatories and especially for a placement above changing tables or at mirrors.

Since there are more options for the EL50 series, we have created a checklist. The checklist can be found on our website on the individual product page and in the download area.

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