Update for the PK52 and CK92 call for aid push buttons

Our PK52 and CK92 call for aid push buttons are receiving an update! The new Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/1694 specifies that the color of the touch surface will change from green to yellow, and the pictogram will change from white to black, with a special emphasis on contrast and safety.

Acoustic and visual feedback

With both acoustic and visual feedback, our push buttons provide a reliable and user-friendly solution for enhanced safety and comfort on trains. The combination of visual and acoustic feedback ensures complete perception. Red LEDs and an integrated sounder immediately confirm to the user that their call for help has been successfully received.

The push buttons, with their large (52 mm) raised and tactile touch surface, not only meet all relevant PRM standards but also stand out for their high-quality design. The PK52 variant, with its raised design, and the CK option, with a flat design, offer the perfect solution for any requirement. The durable triangular bezel is resistant to external factors, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Additionally, the transparent touch surface cover protects the pictogram from wear and tear and makes cleaning easy. The eye-catching shape and color also enhance visibility.

Dependable and user-friendly

These call for aid push buttons are installed in the train in wet rooms, sleeping cabins, and wheelchair spaces, placed in visible and easily accessible locations to ensure usability for all passengers, including the elderly and people with disabilities. Thanks to their modern appearance and ease of use, our push buttons are a dependable and user-friendly solution for emergencies on public transport.