The PK52 push button series impresses in the door area of buses and trains with its very good lateral recognition of the LED status display and its haptic button feedback. An optional acoustic orientation signal makes it easier for passengers to find the push button. On the PK52, the mounting screws are concealed by a bezel. Until now, TSL-ESCHA offered this bezel exclusively with powder-coated stainless steel. To meet the changing requirements, a bezel made of high-quality plastic material was designed. This means the operator can choose from a larger variety and, if desired, also replace the stainless steel bezel of the PK52 push button (from year of manufacture 2016) with one made of engineering plastic.

The new PK52 bezel is made of a modern material that convinces with its high level of precision and accuracy of fit. The front panel is easy to mount. To do this, it is placed parallel to the push button unit and lightly pressed on. For final fastening of the plastic bezel, it must first be pressed on in the lower area until an acoustic click is heard. Then the bezel must be pressed firmly in the upper area until a clear click is heard. The plastic front panel is not intended for multiple use but is a wear and spare part that can be easily replaced. Delivery times can be kept short due to high availability for spare parts.

The PK52 push button plastic bezel is currently available in eight common colors: traffic yellow (RAL 1023), traffic red (RAL 3020), traffic blue (RAL 5017), traffic green (RAL 6024), night blue (RAL 5022), light grey (RAL 7035), traffic white (RAL9016) and signal black (RAL 9004).

The high-quality plastic of the new front panel complies with the EN 45545-2 fire protection standard. Due to the material characteristics, the bezel is also more resistant to graffiti removers and also more robust against cleaning chemicals. The new plastic bezel has successfully passed shock and vibration tests.

Compared to the stainless steel front panel, the plastic bezel offers a weight saving of 24 grams.

Highlights of the PK52 push button new plastic bezel

  • Available in 8 standard colors
  • High-quality appearance
  • Easy to mount
  • High resistance to cleaning chemicals and graffiti removers
  • Weight reduction compared to stainless steel bezel