Antje Dockhorn celebrated her 25th company anniversary in September 2020 at TSL-ESCHA in Halver.

Within 25 years of working for TSL-ESCHA everyone develops further. A young, shy woman becomes a woman who talks turkey. On September 1, 1995 Antje Dockhorn had her first working day. “When I met you 25 years ago, your name was still Eibach, but you could have been called a match. Because you always blushed when you were addressed,” recalls Klaus-Peter Schmauch (Technical Director of TSL) during the anniversary speech to the shy girl from back then. Today it is completely different.

Over the years, Antje Dockhorn has shed her shyness. At some point, a colleague lovingly gave her the nickname “scratch brush”. “Because in the meantime, I’m now giving contra and if I find that someone is being treated unfairly, I open my mouth too,” explains the 49-year-old. Professionally, the mother of two children has also developed at TSL.

Her initial areas of work included purchasing and production planning. Over the past 15 years, Dockhorn has then helped build up the disposition department in the growing company. Antje Dockhorn now deals with this and with individual customer care on a daily basis. And she still enjoys doing so. “Coming to TSL for work was and is always like going home,” sums up the jubilarian and proudly adds, “when I’m on the bus or train with friends and I see our door opening buttons, warning beeps or signal lights, I always tell and show it to everyone.”

Everyone in the company knows the cheerful, open-minded and sociable colleague. So it is no coincidence that TSL Managing Director Lutz Höfer thanked her in his speech “for 25 years of good cooperation and above all for her support during the Lüdenscheid company run” and is hoping for many more successful years.

Betriebsjubiläum bei für Antje Dockhorn

A certificate, flowers and greetings from the colleagues were presented by Managing Director Lutz Höfer (left) and Klaus-Peter Schmauch (right, Technical Director) to Antje Dockhorn on the occasion of her 25th company anniversary at TSL-ESCHA.